What is Patientloops?

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asked Sep 22, 2015 by anonymous
What exactly is Patientloops? How does Patientloops help an anaesthetist or anesthesiologist?

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Patientloops is a mobile-first, cloud-based system for managing patient information that takes the burden out of an anaesthetist's daily workflow.

It has been developed by an anaesthetist who hated carrying about stickers and believed sending paper letters is not a practice fit for the 21st century.  

Patientloops helps with:

1. The sending of electronic preoperative patient information
2. Managing patient lists  
3. Collection of informed financial consent via SMS, even with last minute notice.
4. Understanding the impact a patient's fund will have on their expected out of pocket costs
5. Collection of followup surveys to help with practice improvement.

It has been developed so it can be used either by independent practitioners, or those part of an anaesthetic group with shared secretarial support.
Welcome to Patientloops FAQ. This resource is developed to:

A. Help anaesthetists find their way in the complex billing environment of the Medicare Benefits Schedule and Health Funds.

B. Help with questions about Patientloops , the next generation patient management system for anaesthetists.